Trinamool displays street drama ‘Jayatu’ written by Mamta

দুখের ঘরে সুখের মেলা /৩৪ বছর পর /মমতাময়ী মা যে মোদের /আছে জীবনভর … In this rhythm, the development of the state has taken the new street drama ‘Jayatu’. The writer  is the Trinamool leader Mamta Bandyopadhyay, director Abhi Chakraborty.  Those were seen for campaigning publicly by left parties on the issue of voting and so on. . At this time Trinamool also took that path.

this is a fifteen minute drama with six characters. Kanyasree, educationist, Rupshree, Yuva Shree project has been exposed in these voices. The teenage  girl’s  Kusum’s and the teacher Sarla’s dialogue has emerged as the new development of rural Bengal. But not only development of the state, there is also a amourette against the BJP. In the name of religion and conspiracy to separate hill from Bengal by the BJP Government has been highlighted in the plot of the drama. The leftists did not get abetment from criticism. The hill boy Chetri says that the chief minister went at every turn to keep the hill tranquil. The name of the party you told, that is, CPIM, they did not go to the mountain. Instead of keeping calm, they did the turmoil alive – the teacher of the village said, “It is so, really it is so.”

At the end,  artists voice rises all together that, বাংলায় করো না হামলা / আগে দিল্লি সামলা … only the divisions, the Prime Minister also has not been leave off.  Many more words are involved in this drama, but not even a single word used against the opposition party Congress. In the campaign of voting, 100 play groups across the state, street drama ‘Jaytu’ has came out on road to rural areas of 20 districts from Monday. Their goal is to remind the people about the government’s development program.

 Each team will display at least 20 times. Drama teams will get Rs.1500/- each. The drama director Abhi Chakraborty, said, “We have captured the whole drama in a video and conveyed it to the rural drama groups just as  a guideline. The village drama teams are doing their homework at their own level.


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