Two days after the hanging body of two youth rescued at Balrampur in Purulia. The National Human Rights Commission has already asked for the same report. But for some of these two incidents, it is not known the State Human Rights Commission to ask for the report. Even the State Human Rights Commission’s website has a list of complaints, as well as the list of suo motu, there is no information on the incidents of Balarampur.
On Wednesday, Trilochan Mahato, age about 20, a young man’s body was found hanging from the tree in Supurdi village at Balrampur. On Saturday, the body of Dual Kumar, age about 32 resident at Dabha village  found hanging from the Tower of Highlighting power cable. The BJP leaders demanded that two youths were party workers. The National Human Rights Commission has filed a grumble. The report asks by the National Human Rights Commission But there is no news that the State Human Rights Commission sought any report on this matter. In this context, there was no repercussion from the State Commission on Sunday. When contacted a man, he advised to talk to the chairman about this. But the chairman could not be contacted.
Up to last Friday i.e. June 1st, the website of the State Human Rights Commission has been updated on the list of suo muto steps. But there was no mention of any steps to rescue Trilochan’s body on Wednesday. The list of personal complaints filed on the commission’s website till last Thursday i.e. May 31, there is no mention of the incident at Balarampur.  ‘Action Taken’ in Actions column is empty beside the list of suo muto steps on the commission’s website.
Their question arises, commission asked the report for various incidents for the action of suo muto, it is seen on their website. But the special action that has not taken place, and it is clear on that website. What is the benefit of the complaint there?
The question is also being raised that the National Human Rights Commission is lodged with the allegation of Balarampur, but why is the reluctance of the state?
BJP’s state president Dilip Ghosh’s counter-questions, “can the State Commission rely on?” “An important institution such as the Human Rights Commission,  the chairman’s post was vacant for a long year. That is not the way the Commission is doing.” Dilip said. But the BJP is thinking of making a complaint to the state commission. Dilip said, “we are thinking of this matter.”


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