The son of a Delhi police officer filmed brutally beating up a woman after he allegedly raped her has been arrested. The 21-year-old also allegedly assaulted his ex-fiancé on a separate occasion.

A police investigation is underway into allegations against Rohit Kumar Tomar, arrested on Friday after disturbing images of him beating up the woman in an office space on September 2 emerged.

The content of the video, which shows the accused slapping and using his elbows and knees to maximize the pain inflicted on the woman, was so horrific that it prompted the Minister of Home Affairs to tweet an appeal to the Delhi Police Commissioner to take action.

The video was filmed by Tomar’s friend, who is heard in the background saying: “Rohit, stop it…Enough!”

No one, however, attempts to physically stop the attacker.

The woman in the video was identified when another young woman, claiming to be Tomar’s former fiancée, complained to the police she had also been molested by the man and when she had threatened to file a complaint against him, he intimidated her by showing her the video of the first victim.

“He threatened her by saying that if she doesn’t do as he says, he’ll beat her up the same way as he is beating the woman in the video,” a police officer cited by The Hindu said.

The complainant said she has now called off the wedding with Tomar.

The woman in the video was then identified and approached by police on Thursday night. She filed a complaint to officers on Friday alleging she had been raped and was beaten up after saying she would report him to the police.


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