The collapse of a railway station building in West Bengal, India has been captured on video. Several people are feared missing as the structure further caved in when a crowd of onlookers gathered to watch it fall.

The freak incident occurred at Barddhaman railway station, located in the Indian state of West Bengal late Saturday. Footage from the scene shows part of the building’s upper floor abruptly collapsing, disintegrating into fine dust.

The incident attracted a large crowd of onlookers who came to watch and film the destruction with their cellphones. This turned out to be a pretty bad idea, as the damaged part of the building collapsed further, dropping a massive sign affixed to its roof right onto the crowd.

The subsequent collapse, however, did not deter the onlookers, and a large crowd remains close to the badly damaged building, footage from the scene shows.

Emergency services have been dispatched to the scene, and they are reportedly searching for people who might be trapped under the rubble. Construction work at the station has been blamed for the collapse.

At least two people were hospitalized after the incident, according to Eastern Railway, while four others received medical help onsite.


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